Meditation for Executives

In the whirlwind that is Hong Kong, there are numerous benefits of meditation: physical, mental and emotional. In meditation, we can find a tranquil place where the worries of yesterday and tomorrow dissolve.

But how does one meditate? How should we sit, breathe, position our hands? How long and often should we meditate? What techniques are there and how do we know if we’re doing it properly?

The Art of Calm has developed tailor-made classes/courses/workshops to address these questions. All provide practical instruction, meditation practice, answers to questions and discussion. At the core, is the meditation itself, which offers a taste of what practicing meditation can do for you. 

Guiding you in your efforts is meditation instructor Bert Bulthuis, who holds a Master degree in Buddhist studies from The University of Hong Kong. Trained in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Zen traditions, he is a seasoned meditator of over ten years who wishes to share what he has learned.

If you would like to organise an executive workshop/course/retreat and enquire about pricing, please contact us.

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