Our staff come from all walks of life but are all kind and committed to your well-being. Our classes are in English.

Bert Bulthuis

Founder and Meditation Instructor

Bert Bulthuis is the founder of The Art of Calm and Meditation in the Park. A veteran, practicing architect, he also holds a Master degree in Buddhist studies from The University of Hong Kong. Trained in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Zen traditions, he is a seasoned meditator of over ten years who wishes to share what he has learned.

Nicole Chabot-Bulthuis

Co-founder, Strategy & Communications, Mindfulness for Kids and Seniors instructor

Nicole Chabot-Bulthuis is co-founder of The Art of Calm. She holds a degree in English; and master degrees in Social and Market Research, and Counselling. Nicole is a published author, teacher and counsellor. At The Art of Calm, she teaches Mindfulness for Children and Mindfulness for Seniors.

Coming soon…

New people will be joining The Art of Calm as guest instructors, course leaders and speakers. Watch this space.